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Blue and Grey Fluorite Baluchistan, Pakistan 47 G

Blue and Grey Fluorite Baluchistan, Pakistan 47 G

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Blue and Grey Fluorite Baluchistan, Pakistan 47 G

Baluchistan, a province in Pakistan, is known for its rich mineral deposits, and fluorite is one of the minerals found in the region. However, the specific characteristics of fluorite from Baluchistan may vary in terms of color, clarity, and crystal habit. Here are some general features of fluorite that you might find in the Baluchistan province:

  1. Color: Fluorite can come in a variety of colors, and Baluchistan fluorite may exhibit different hues such as purple, green, and blue. The coloration is often due to impurities within the crystal lattice.

  2. Crystal Habit: Fluorite commonly forms in cubic or octahedral crystals. It can also be found in massive or granular forms. The crystals may display distinct cleavage, forming perfect octahedrons.

  3. Transparency: Fluorite can range from transparent to translucent, and the degree of transparency may vary in specimens from Baluchistan.

  4. Fluorescence: Fluorite is known for its fluorescence, which means it may emit visible light when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. The fluorescence can vary in intensity and color, depending on the specific impurities present.

  5. Luster: Fluorite typically has a vitreous (glassy) luster, which gives it a shiny appearance.

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